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Mobile Delta Trip

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With Wade Kirk as your guide.



With over 30 years experience fishing the waters
Around Mobile Bay-Mobile Delta and Dauphin Island Alabama,
Your guide Wade Kirk offers one of the best inshore guide services in the area! He doesn’t focus on catching just Speckled Trout and Redfish, he focuses on Fish!
It maybe Bull Reds on Dixie Bar one day or Ground Mullet (Whiting) in June. Slot reds in the winter around the river mouths of Mobile Delta.

Maybe even a Tarpon around Fort Morgan in May. He wound rather catch a lot of White Trout then not catch any Speckled Trout or just a Redfish or two! He will go after what ever running that day!







"Thank you so much for the fishing excursion
you took us on-it was a great experience!
We had a great time-I have never caught so
Many fish like that before! I can't wait to go
Farley Ong
San Antonio, TX